Deer up ( Cheer up) Gipsy !!

 I  get this in my mail from my friend Gipsy Rufina and I love it!!
Who did this poster added something more to my illustration : the Cyrillic script looks so beautiful on it and the colors are amazing, thank you!
And here is some of my favorite Gipsy's songs, the first video was shooted last summer and I did his "assistant" ( I had lot of fun indeed ) hope you'll enjoy them !!



Naughty girls need love too

I'm working on some illustrations for an event, a sort of  "Art car boot sale" that will take place soon, organized by my  fairy godmother and gallery owner Barbara.
I'm having fun creating all these naughty girls and imagining them on bags or t-shirts and wondering about their adoptions, because as the quote from this post says : 'naughty girls need love too'....
I've just find out that is a porn movie title or a Samantha Fox song,
so it will definitely be my project name!

Here is an example


Tell me a story opening

The illustration collective exhibition 'Tell me a story' opened at the 'Moderna bookstore' in Rieti from yesterday,
starting with the presentation of 'Betto il cassonetto' ( Betto the trash container) book, written by Stefano Mariantoni and illustrated by the talented Lucia Ricciardi using completely recycled media.

Kids reading 'Betto il cassonetto' book at the bookstore.

The exhibition featured the original artworks from the book as well as my 'naughty girls' and Enrica Pizzicori's illustrations.

I love that my paintings are displayed in the children' s books section, as showed here 'Sea Song' is under a Disney Cinderella's wall clock (my current obsession : princesses).
The exhibition will be open until  March 17th 2012.


Work in Progress

It's taking months to finish this painting and somehow I felt stuck in the process, maybe today I'll try hard to make it through!


Naughty girl : Lana Del Rey

Her face is almost everywhere and I've started to meet her in my dreams, maybe she is a fraud, people could be so mean when you are famous and if you search for her on google, the first thing you 'll find is about her fake lips , fake name, fake nails and supposed fake nose and music, that's why she enters straightly  in my NAUGHTY GIRL's HALL OF FAME. 

Her voice is beautiful and she is very talented, I really like her song 'Born to die'


Tell me a Story

Oh no! It's snowing..so my collective illustration exhibition will be postponed to Sunday February 19! ! Too bad!


Moonrise Kingdom

I love Wes Anderson's works and I'm so impatient to watch his next movie 'Moonrise Kingdom' that it has already inspired me two illustrations

This is ' Kara Hayward' an ink and acrylic drawing that I've photoshopped and I published while ago on the amazing TUMBLR CUSS YEAH, WES ANDERSON 

And these are the two versions of 'What kind of bird are you?' , the first one is ink, acrylic and pastels on paper, the second one is the digital version of the same drawing.


Sea Song

Sea Song

80 x 80 cm


Tell me a story

From Saturday February 11 2012 the 'Moderna' bookstore in Rieti will host  the exhibition ' Tell me a story ' edited by Barbara Pavan, promoted by Studio7 and  will featured the works of  Ilaria Novelli, Enrica Pizzicori e Lucia Ricciardi .

The exhibition will be open until March 17 2012.

Si apre sabato 11 febbraio 2012 alla Libreria Moderna, Via Garibaldi 272, a Rieti, Narrami una storia, mostra collettiva di tre illustratrici,Ilaria Novelli, Enrica Pizzicori e Lucia Ricciardi, a cura di Barbara Pavan, promossa da Studio7.it.

La mostra sara' aperta fino al 17 Marzo 2012.

The painting in this post is my tribute to the beautiful Jan Švankmajer 's ALICE.