Tell me a story opening

The illustration collective exhibition 'Tell me a story' opened at the 'Moderna bookstore' in Rieti from yesterday,
starting with the presentation of 'Betto il cassonetto' ( Betto the trash container) book, written by Stefano Mariantoni and illustrated by the talented Lucia Ricciardi using completely recycled media.

Kids reading 'Betto il cassonetto' book at the bookstore.

The exhibition featured the original artworks from the book as well as my 'naughty girls' and Enrica Pizzicori's illustrations.

I love that my paintings are displayed in the children' s books section, as showed here 'Sea Song' is under a Disney Cinderella's wall clock (my current obsession : princesses).
The exhibition will be open until  March 17th 2012.

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