TWIGGY Digital collage

This is another girl for my little project 'Iconic Beauty'.
I'm experimenting with the most unforgettable and timeless Icons of the last century, trying to give them a new and modern identity. What remains of beauty if you change their distinguishing features adding eerie and disturbing details: a harelip, a broken tooht or cat pupils?




A Heart Disease Called Love

1 DOOM GENERATION (Gregg Araki1995)
Christian Lacroix
5  STOKER (Chan-wook Park 2013)
9 Rusalochka (Vladimir Bychkov 1976)
11-12-13 The devil as a little girl in TOBY DAMMIT (Federico Fellini 1968)
18 EROTIC DIARY OF AN OFFICE LADY ( Masaru Konuma 1977)
23 BJORK directed by Nick Knight in Pagan Poetry


One kiss became a weapon 
And I don't want to bleed in vain 
Clouds collide in the heavens 
And I surrender to the rain 

The death bells that also rang 
Like madness from above 
I'm going out with a bang, and a... 
A heart disease called love 

Ninety-nine below zero 
Would seem like fever now 
You know me, I'm no hero 
Don't even ask me how. 

I'm down in the deep deep freeze 
What was I thinking of? 
In the painful breeze 
By the frozen trees, with a... 
A heart disease called love 

After dinner... mints... a new lover 
And the coffee's so bitter and black 
Your fingerprints... they cover 
This knife sticking out of my back 

You overlooked the fine details. 
You should've worn your gloves 
And now I've got a girl in jail 
And a house for sale, and a... 
A heart disease called love



                                                               Digital Collage


The Martyrdom Of Saint Alexander

My last painting
Il Martirio di Sant Alexander
The martyrdom of Saint Alexander
Oil and Acrylic on canvas
80 x 120 cm (31,5 x 47,3 inch)



From my sketchbook: Eva Ionesco
mixed media on paper
short story written by my friend Ruggero Tilli

Come era possibile? Aveva passato una giornata indimenticabile con sua madre. I capelli, la delicatezza che era nell’aria tocco dopo tocco, mentre lei guardava fuori dalla finestra e la voce della mamma alle sue spalle riempiva la stanza parola dopo parola. Non ricordava i discorsi e neanche riusciva a rivivere uno solo di quei momenti. Tutto ciò che era rimasto era ancora lì, nella stanza e nella sua testa.
Come è possibile sentirsi così vicini? Lei capisce tutto di me.
Non fu una decisione difficile da prendere: doveva ucciderla.
Non capiva. Li guardava passare e immaginava le carni cadenti e le pelli anelastiche. Eppure il mio corpo prorompe ogni giorno di più: è un inno alla sfrontatezza, languido nel celebrare se stesso.
Il nonno la guardò, ma lei doveva aver fatto in tempo a cancellare la sua mente, perché lui le fece un sorriso pieno di… beh insomma, era il nonno. Lungo la strada di casa lei gli teneva la mano. Quella doveva essere una buona azione. Povero vecchio.
Martin era di certo il più antipatico della scuola. Dell’universo.
E poi era tra quelli che avevano visto il neo di Gwendoline. Degli altri però non le importava. Certo Gwendoline era bella, si truccava già. Se si fosse truccata anche lei…Ma non avrebbe saputo da che parte cominciare; e poi tutti la avrebbero presa in giro. Mai. Doveva esser vera quella storia del neo. A scuola le sembrava non si parlasse d’altro.

How could it be possible? She spent an unforgettable day with her mother.
Her hair, the daintness in the air,in every gesture. While she was looking from the window her mother's voice filled the room, word by word. She couldn't remember their conversation and either try to recall those moments. What happened was still left in that room and in her head.
How could be possible to feel so close to someone? She understands everything about me.
It wasn't a difficult decision to make: she had to kill her.
She couldn't understand. She watched them passing by and she imagined the decaying flash and the nonelastic skin.
My body is blossoming day after day, it's an ode to boldness and it's languid in its own celebration.
Her granfather take a look at her, but she should have blanked out her mind on time, because his smile was full of...well he was her grandad after all...
She held his hand on the way home. That should be a good deed. Poor old man.
Martin was the most annoying boy at school, probabily in the whole Universe.
He was one of those who have seen Gwendoline's mole.She didn't care about the other boys.
Gwendoline was pretty indeed, she already wears make up.If only she could use make up.... but she really doesn't know where to start and everybody would make fun of her. Never.That story about the mole must be true. No one talks about anything else at school.


Dreams Get Spleen Cancer

1-2 Prenom Carmen (Jean Luc Godard)
Sera Park photographed by Bon-Chang Koo for Vogue Korea June 2013
11 Jabberwocky (Jan Švankmajer)
12 Charlotte Rampling in The Damned (Luchino Visconti)
14-21 Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo 
15 Edie Sedgwick
16 Le Mepris (Jean Luc Godard)
17 Arvida Bystrom
20 Blow Up (Michelangelo Antonioni)
22 Possession (Andrzej Zulawski)
23 Una femme est una femme (Jean Luc Godard)

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