Yesterday  I've been interviewed on a local television channel, at first I was very upset because even if it was a honour, I really don't like to talk in front of a camera.
So I was very nervous, but then the atmosphere turned to be very relaxed and familiar and for the first time in my life I felt half satisfied.
The questions were interesting, but I  think that even my relatives haven't watched the show!!!
Lots of projects are going on, in these days there is my solo exhibition and there will be another one soon in May, this time I forgot to take photos, I hope to do it !
The Holy Mary for the Pimp my Mary exhibition is finally ready, but I can't show it already because it's a surprise...
Another next event is an Illustrators Exhibition on June for which I'm actually trying to work, my theme is 'The wonderful Wizard of Oz' my favorite children's book, so I'm very happy.
The first bag's serie is officially finished so I'm preparing other naughty girls watercolors to print on the new ones, obviously the first one is dedicated to all the cat ladies that ask me for a cat, I took my main inspiration from the previous post, yes a green pussy cat!
Here you are:


The Stooges-TV EYE

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