PimpMyMary and Carrara

On Saturday I attended the PimpMyMary event in Carrara, the City was stunning and so the Exhibitions organized..
The show beginned with RockmyMary, The Mauro Petrarca's live music show and then in a real 'holy journey' we followed a path full of surprises, we visited the PimpMyMary gold section with the first customized Marys, the second exhibition was the stunning Max Ferrigno's "The silence of the candy Apple" show and the last stop was the final PimpMyMary exhibit with the other customized Marys by the Mondo Bizarro artists and by the artists from the Senior and Junior categories, where also my pimped Mary is.

The procession:

The first stop at the Gold exhibition:

Some of the Gold section Marys:

The stop at the Max Ferrigno's show:

One of my favorite Max Ferrigno's artwork "Glory holes"

The last stop:
 Mondo Bizarro's artists Pimped Marys:

 Marys from the Junior decorators:

 My Pimped Ganesh Mary
 One of the Senior decorators' Marys
 The exhibition
I'd love to photograph them all and to quote all the artists because they were all very beautiful!

Carrara is amazing and there were also a lot of art exhibitions that I visited, here you are some pictures from the other shows:
Here you are some vintage glasses and cups installations:

 I loved these vintage cows milk bottles:

 Me seated on a space oddity couch
A shrine:

 A human laptop:
 A trapped angel:
 The creepy Pope sculpture:



  1. Thanks for documenting all these strange and wonderful things. Loved seeing your Mary in the exhibition too.

  2. vintage glasses and cups!!! wowww so interesting!