I Miss You Magic Land !

1 Pip & Pop
9 Meadham Kirchhoff Spring/ Summer 2012
10 Jenny Fax Skirt
11 Courtney Love
13 Klaus Kinsky
14 Lynn Palewicz's sculpture
16 Elene Usdin photography
All the other images are from tumblr


  1. I love how all your posts start off innocent and end up very dark indeed. They're always the weird side of innocent anyway. I'd love to go to magic land with you. I love every image here, I'm never sure how you find them but it's just the most perfect mood board

  2. I find myself thinking of strawberry lemonade and murder. I know weird huh but not really. Soft and dreamy are most but then enters the harsh cold reality of a rifle or crying tears of blood. I love it!