And The Rest Is Rust And Stardust

1 Ellie Noble photography
Thom Puckey
9 Sharon Tate
10 Picnic at Hanging Rock
15 Jane Birkin
17 Valerie and her week of Wonder
18 Charlotte Gainsbourg in 'Charlotte Forever'
24 model Frida Gustavsson
26 Rosemary's Baby

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  1. Oh Lolita, why must you grow up? I can't stop gazing at these beautiful images of youth/lost youth. And of course, Rosemary was an innocent too wasn't she? Full of hope and her family life ahead of her. Bubble gum, twirling umbrellas, cherries and milkshakes. Pretty "big girl" shoes. Let's never grow up! xoxoxoxo

  2. I love these images, lost innocence, eroticism, magic, pain - and fried eggs. xxxxx