Sue Lyon

Sue Lyon was the youngest of five children, her father died when she was only ten months old and she was sent to modeling at a very young age in order to bring cash to her family.
She become Lolita when she was 15 years old and during her whole career she received much of the morbid attention that the fictional character did, trapping her forever in the damned souls limb of Nabokov's creature.
She struggled with manic depression through all her life and she was diagnosed as bipolar.
Today she lives in Los Angeles, she divorced several times and she stopped acting in 1980, she avoids any interview, photograph or film role since then.
'And the rest is rust and stardust' (Vladimir Nabokov)

Sue Lyon in my favourite photoshoot by Bert Stern 

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  1. thank you for telling me more about her, she was beautiful xxxx
    I love your latest digital collage - amazing xxxxxx