Welcome to the Dollhouse

(A virtual tour of my room in macro details)
1 sunglasses
2 my green Bambi necklace ( my favourite) made by my dear friend Krista from Peetee's palace 
3 my snake bracelets
4 my vintage doves necklace
5 vintage dresses close-up
6 my early 900's underskirt, a stunning vintage dress from Kinky Melon Boutique, the owner is my beautiful friend Vix ( http://vintagevixon.blogspot.it/ ) and a stunning red printed dress, a present from another lovely friend: Lucy Nation (Tales from the faraway tree)
7 my antique hats ( 50's feather and velvet hat, 40's mourning hat, 30's florence straw boater hat )
8-9-10  dresses in my closet (mostly vintage)


  1. ARGH!!! Such teeny glimpses into your room...TORTURE!

  2. you're such a tease. And now to put you back on my blogroll