And all this is folly to the world

1-9 Bjork directed by Spike Jonze in 'Triumph of a heart' 
Vtáčkoviasiroty a blázni  (Juraj Jakubisko 1969)
4 Oliver Haidutschek
5-11-12 Confession (Nobuhiko Obayashi 1968)
10 Emotion (Nobuhiko Obayashi 1966)
15 Stroszek ( Werner Herzog 1977)
17 Kurt Cobain
20 Don't deliver us from evil (Joël Séria 1971)
22 Kelly McCallum
23 Perinbaba (Juraj Jakubisko 1985)
26 Hausu (Nobuhiko Obayashi 1977)
28-29 Fruit of Paradise ( Věra Chytilová 1970)

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  1. Fur and feathers, cats and foxes, fish tails and chickens. Eyes, hands, mouths. Pink and orange. Dancing. Some beautiful, some odd, some disturbing, some funny, a typical mixture of amazing images! xxxxx

  2. Love it all - especially, like Helga, the CHICKEN! And the tongue eyeball - I ALWAYS want to stick my tongue in eyeballs.

    HELLO - I've missed you!

    Sarah xxx

  3. I've decided I need a pale pink feather cape with eyeball fringing. I'm sure Bjork would want one too. I love the way my brain does somersaults whenever I pay you a visit. I miss you too darling!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo