Laura Palmer

 Laura Palmer 
Digital collage and Illustration
(and details)

From the light in my window he can see into me 
But I cannot see him until he is close 
Breathing, with a smile at my window 
He comes to take me 
Turn me round and round 
Come out and play Come play 
Lie still Lie still Lie still.
Little rhymes and little songs 
Pieces of the forest in my hair and clothes 
Sometimes I see him near me 
when I know he can’t be there 
Sometimes I feel him near me 
and I know it is something just to bear.
When I call out 
No one can hear me 
When I whisper, he thinks the message 
Is for him only. 
My little voice inside my throat 
I always think there must be something 
That I’ve done 
Or something I can do 
But no one no one comes to help, 
He says, 
A little girl like you.
— The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer

1 comment:

  1. Oooooo, I've been blithering about needing to watch Twin Peaks again, it's been SO long, and you go and stun me with this wonderfully creepy collage!!!
    Splendid! XXX