Meadham Kirchhoff S/S 2014

1 My Illustration inspired to Meadham Kirchhoff
7 gif image from the 60's (via tumblr)
All the images are from Meadham Kirchhoff S/S 2014 collection (via tumblr) and Elisabeth I 


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I need the bags, the gloves, the log hair with bows. oance on a chair with beautiful shoes, and above all I WANT, WANT, WANT the glasses, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Love, love, love, my deare friend

  2. I love the gold and snakeskin shoooooes. This is wonderful, gold, cream and red hair, Elizabeth was an inspiration. She was one of the first people to make their image iconic so everyone knew what the monarch looked like and what she represented. I really love those bags with the embroidered nursery decal sticker patterns!!

  3. O my FREAKING GAWD!!! How bloody FABULARSE!!!
    Love love LOVE it all! XXX

  4. Oh lord ... what is the result of all this beauty? My heart is thumping out of my chest with desire to, at the very least, touch all those beautiful fabrics and textures. What a feast for all the senses Edie, I want, I want, I want ... yet I very rarely "want" anything off the catwalks. You never fail to chose the very best out of the shows to make my spirit sing and then you go and paint your inspiration! Perfection. xoxoxoxoxooxxo