Now you will surrender the faithful animal you once called your body

                                                      ( Everything must hurt for a thousand years, for a thousand times’)

'Now you will surrender the faithful animal you once called your body. Don't try to keep it, remember, it was a loan. Surrended your legs, your sex, your hair, your brain, your all. You no longer want to possess, possession is the ultimate pain. The earth covers your body, she came to cover you with love, because she is your true flesh. Now you are an open heart, open to receive your true essence your ultimate perfection. Your new body, which is the universe, the work of god. You will be born again, you will be real. you will be your own father, your own mother, your own child, your own perfection. Open your eyes, you are the earth, you are the green, you are the blue, you are the Aleph, you are the essence. Look at the flower, look at the flower, for the first time look at the flowers.'

(From the Holy Mountain - Alejandro Jodorowsky 1973)

1 Brigitte Bardot
6 John Paul Pietrus photography
7 Pastoral: To Die in the Country ( Shūji Terayama 1974)
10 John Paul Pietrus for Jalouse 2004
12 Transe (Teresa Villaverde, 2006)
13 Helmut Newton Monica Bellucci for Blumarine 1992
19 Paul Herbst
22 L'important c'est d'aimerAndrzej Żuławski 1977)
27 The Holy Mountain (Alejandro Jodorowsky 1973)
28 L'amour braqueAndrzej Żuławski 1985)

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