Rotten figs on a golden plate

1-13 Vertige ( Jean Beaudin 1969)
3 Mothra vs. Godzilla  Mosura tai Gojira (Ishirō Honda 1964) Thanks to my friend Clare who sent me the image and the references
www.flickr.com/photos/louis_pou via tumblr
5 Kate Moss  backstage at a Paris fashion presentation, 1991
6 Fiona Apple in the Nov. '97 issue of Spin Magazine
9 Thurston Moore 
11 Mark E. Smith from one of my favourite bands: The Falls
12 Fata Morgana (Vicente Aranda 1965)
14 Dōjōji Temple  ( Kihachiro Kawamoto 1976)
16 Emotion (Nobuhiko Obayashi 1966)
17 Mariacarla Boscono  by Juergen Teller
19 Hannes Wallrafen
21- 24 The Capsule (Athina Rachel Tsangari 2012)
22 Teorema (Pier Paolo Pasolini 1968)
25 Aleksandra Waliszewska
26 Gottfried Helnwein
27 Le corps sublimé  (Jérôme de Missolz 2007)
30- 32 Gifs fom 'Porcile'created by kawakuborei.tumblr.com
31 Porcile (Pier Paolo Pasolini 1969)

                                              The Falls - Eat y'self fitter

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  1. Molluscs freak me out!!!
    Amazing, disturbing imagery....not sure I'd like to meet you in a dark alley, my darling!!!