Fashion Illustrations

Today I found some awesome fashion photography in my 'overloaded' laptop, they were so astonishing that I had to paint them immediately.
I really don't know who shooted them because they were on a tumblr many months ago, I can only recognize that the pink peep-hole cardi (in the second picture) is from Meadham Kirchhoff spring/summer 2012 collection and that's why I've picked it.
I've only added a quote from a book of mine on the first picture,
the original photo has some writing too,
but I couldn't read them at all so I've used a quote from a book on my work desk (I collect vintage books in every language and they surround me while I draw) and it's Vladimir Nabokov "Intransigeances" 1986 (it's a long and interesting interview, not a novel).
It's amazing that the old owner leave a photocopy of the newspaper article in wich they reviewed the book.


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  2. Hehehe, I love these! Especially the sweater with the holes. So glad to have found your blog! Your paintings are amazing, and I am now following you =).
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