Naughty watercolor

It's hard to scanner properly watercolors, this is yellowish and it's weird because the paper was light pink !
I've tried all the lights available but this was the best or it completely burns the drawing, with a camera is almost the same thing even in the daylight...
Anyone can help?


  1. This illustration is so nice!!!


  2. hmm did you play around with the resolution sizes when scanning? try increasing the DPI on your scanner settings when scanning it in, that sometimes help - other than that a professional printing place will scan it in at a higher resolution for you - but then you'll have to pay!
    i find it very hard as well to get images looking like they really do on the computer the colours are always off!

  3. Thank you Fiona!!
    Now I've found a better way!I scan without any setting or lights so the colors stay and then I try to adjust them on photoshop, the results are better now!!