Spring art market

The Spring Festival went on for the whole week end, the exhibition was quite amazing with installations, artworks and artists from everywhere in one of my favorite places.
Sadly the weather wasn't nice enough, so not many people attended it, but we are going to make another exhibition soon.
Here are some picture from my installation called 'Ilaria's Shrine' that is made by my teenage years memorabilias (pages from my diary, love letters, my own old t-shirt, badges and jewellery) at least my main inspiration was my old room and mostly my grandmother's house.
I have to take picture of  her shrines, I call her shelves 'Italian Gothic' and the idea of the votive candles for the deceased souls was from her place.
My granny rules !

The best seller bag was 'Lara' maybe because of the little lamb,
I love drawing animals but a strange lady ask me for a cat one,
people was quite annoying but I had to keep calm and listen to their crappy requests.

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