Ilaria's Shrine

I'm working on my own teenager years shrine as installation for my bags display, I get very emotional while making it, I've used old letters, my school diary pages, Nirvana's song lyrics and my own jewelery.
I'll show it as soon as possible because I feel that isn't still complete.
Meanwhile I'll post some teenager rooms and display pictures that have inspired me a lot.

1,2,4 Tavi Gevinson's room, 6 Meadham Kirchhoff's office, random tumblr or internet finds (sorry if I can't quote).

Kurt Cobain gif via tumblr


  1. Great photos! Sonic youth, nirvana, the music I grew up with. Still love the music!

  2. Thank you !
    I still love them a lot too!

  3. Adolescence, it's another world.
    I think you will find inspiration.
    I like your fotos, Cindy Lauper and the Dollhouse.
    Bonne soirée Ilaria!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, I think that somehow I've never overcome my teenage angst,
      so I finally managed to create a creepy/very personal shrine!

  4. I'm super jealous of Tavi's room! love the way she displays her headbands. have you seen that video interview with her up on her blog? if only i were that wise and observant as a teenager
    p.s loving your illustrations xx

    1. Thank you for your nice comment!
      I love Tavi and I've watched her latest interview and totally liked it, she's such an inspiration for everyone, no matter how old!

  5. questo post, tra i tuoi più popolari è il mio preferito.
    adoro queste atmosfere. immagino che amerai anche tu Sofia Coppola . . . specialmente "The Vergin Suicides":)